Nikki Carr is lovingly called, “The Quiet Storm,” because that is just what she is! Quiet, humble, aloof; Until she’s in front of an audience! Then, hold on to your hat and enjoy the pleasureful journey into her world! A New York City Native, bred in the Bronx, Nikki Carr has become a favorite across the country and abroad in her 17 years as a comedian. Many remember her from BET’s Comic View, Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand up, Showtime’s Stand Up for Family and One Mic Stand with Kevin Hart to name a few. She can be seen in the movies Golddigger Killer, Dynasty Pictures’ Change the Game and Charlie Murphy’s Crash Comedy.

Nikki Carr is a true talent! Funny to no end! She acts! She sings! She vows to be capable of performing; “,anywhere, for any one, of any age, at any time,” and furthermore guarantees that they will leave her show” feeling entertained and well cleansed of the endorphins that Comedy is said to make you release!”


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